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How do i get paper savings bonds

Secret" Way To Keep Buying Paper Savings Investors often lose track of this date because the U. Treasury Department has extended the orinal maturity of some bonds up to 30 years. The Treasury announced last week that, in order to save money, they're going to stop selling paper saving bonds after Jan 2012. Gone will be.

IRS still issuing paper bonds - If you currently own EE and I Bonds: You already own paper bonds? There's no need to convert them into electronic bonds. If you use some of your tax refund to buy a savings bond, you can get the savings instrument as an actual, old-school piece of paper.

Buying US Savings Bonds - Paper US Savings Series EE Savings Bonds were orinally offered on July 1, 1980, to replace Series E Savings Bonds, which were withdrawn from sale. As of 1/1/2012, the Treasury Department started issuing electronic savings bonds only. Note The Treasury Dept. will still issue paper savings.

How To Redeem Series EE Savings Bonds Effective May 1st, 2012, Series I Bonds earn interest at the annual rate of 2.20% (see breakout). I have three Series EE savings bonds issued to me at my childhood address back in June 1986. They were academic awards in grade school. I have no.

Calculate the Value of Your Paper Savings Bonds - I'm one of those folks with each foot in a different world. True, savings bonds are not where you want to be if you need quick access to your money. Calculate the Value of Your Paper Savings Bonds. SAVINGS BOND CALCULATOR. Value as of Savings Bond Calculator Help. Series Denomination Bond.

Buy Savings Bonds - US Department of the Treasury Final maturity – when they stop earning interest – is 30 years after the issue date for all Series EE and I Savings Bonds, as well as for all Series E bonds that are still earning interest. The End of Paper Savings Bonds - As of January 1, 2012, we stopped selling paper savings bonds through over-the-counter channels. This will.

I Bond Rates - Maturity Dates - Series I As of January 1, 2012, paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions. Who can Own I Savings Bonds? Individuals, corporations, associations, public or private organizations, and fiduciaries can own paper Series I Savings Bonds.

Do Savings Bonds Continue to Earn Interest What should I do if my paper savings bond has been lost, stolen, or destroyed? All U. S. savings bonds have a final maturity date when they stop earning interest. Investors often lose track of this date because the U. S. Treasury Department has.

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