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Ubiquitination and Degradation of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase. The Department of Psychology is proud to announce that A. The honors organization recognizes top university students each semester from all majors who have demonstrated the hhest standard of academic excellence while pursuing a broad exposure to courses in the arts, sciences and humanities. The first meeting of the Psychology Club will be this Thursday (Nov. The goal of this meeting is to introduce new members to the club's officers, to share some of the exciting events we have planned for the Spring semester, and to get your feedback on what you mht want to see the Psychology Club accomplish in the future. You can find information about the Psychology Club on Org Sync and . The title of her dissertation is "Cognitive Processes of Prioritization in Multitasking." She is pictured with her Chair, Dr. Bradshaw (back left) and her committee, including from left to rht Dr. A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment. Gary James Jenkins. All rhts. L. Harrison, D. G. 1989 Mechanisms of abnormal endothelium-dependent. 24.

Theses and Dissertations South Dakota State University : A Text of Incongruity and Fragmented Subjectivity (Autobiography, Charlotte Salomon, Kenneth Burke)." DAI 58.10A (1997): 258. "De-Legitimizing the Liberal Scapegoat through Comedy: Reconstructing the Strategic Victimage in Rush Limbaugh's Rhetoric (Victimization, Metaphor)." DAI 60.07A (1999): 355. "Composing Experience, Experiencing Composition: Placing Wordsworth's Poetic Experiments within the Context of Rhetorical Epistemology (William Wordsworth)." DAI 58.10A (1997): 268. "Television and Attitudes About Crime." DAI 41.03A (1980): 497. "Metamorphoses of Desire: Eden and the Boundaries of Literature (Milton, Dante, Augustine, Derrida, Rhetoric)." DAI 48.05A (1987): 286. "Democratic Aesthetics: The Discourse of Social Justice in American Literature, Criticism, and Philosophy of the 1930's (Pragmatism)." DAI 60.06A (2000): 282. A Burkean Cluster Analysis of the Selected Speeches of Minister Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam, Rhetoric of Rebirth)." DAI 47.11A (1986): 186. "The Rhetoricity of Museum Desn: An Analysis of the United States Holocuast Memorial Museum as a Rhetorical Text (Kenneth Burke, Roland Barthes, Sonja Foss)." DAI 59.12A (1998): 118. "An Index to the Major Works of Kenneth Burke." DAI 44.04A (1983): 205. California State University, Dominguez Hills (1) Lugliani, Matthew Robert. "The Critic and the Little Man: On African-American Literary Studies in the Post-Civil Rhts Era (James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison)." DAI 66.07A (2005): 250. "Meanings of Change in the Poetry of Nineteenth-Century Java." DAI 42.10A (1981): 355. "Building the Kingdom: The Creativity of Ritual Performance in Catholic Pentecostalism." DAI 41.09A (1980): 228. "The Rhetoric of Medical Authority: The Early Writing of William Carlos Williams." DAI 49.09A (1988): 251. "Faithful Persuasion: Prolegomena to a Rhetoric of Christian Theology." DAI 51.05A (1990): 406. "Comic Forms and Social Meanings in the Fiction of Flannery O'connor." DAI 49.08A (1988): 362. "Walt Whitman's Monologic Imagination (Whitman Walt, Poetry)." DAI 53.06A (1991): 425. "The Mining Frontier in American Drama: 1877-1906 (Melodrama)." DAI 55.07A (1994): 265. "The Rhetorical Construction of Power in Victimage Mechanisms: A Synthesis of a Literary Theory of Victimage with a Sociological Theory of Power: The Methodology of Power/Victim Analysis." Thesis. "Problems of Knowing Constructions of 'Race' in American Literature, 1638-1867." DAI 50.07A (1989): 355. "Logology, Kenneth Burke's Best Exercise in Symbolic Action." Thesis. Northern Illinois University (1) O'Banion, John David. PDF Berg Grohs, Kristen L. 2008. Brunde, Gary C. 1985. Status and distribution of fishes in tributaries of the Garrison Reach of the Missouri River, North.

The St. Croix Archaeology Project and the Vescelius Collection A. The Department of Psychology is proud to announce that Allison Lee Bruning, Psychology major, was inducted into the Society of Scholars on November 1st, 2016. Zachary Buchanan, Psychology major, was inducted into the Society of Scholars on November 1st, 2016. This survey was led by Gary Vescelius, who at that time was a student at Yale University. Available from Dissertations and Theses Full Text online database;. Association for Caribbean Archaeology; 1991; St. Ann's Garrison, Barbados. In E. J. Reitz, L, A. Newsom and S. J. Scudder, eds.

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