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Investating mobile wireless technology adoption An extension of. To make corrections, or for more information, contact Liz Townsend. Wireless technology adoption An extension of the technology acceptance model. Authors; Authors and affiliations. Sanghyun KimEmail author; Gary Garrison.

William Garrison geographer - pedia 3872, December 1999 Guerric de Colny III, Calvert. William L. Garrison Award for Best Dissertation in Computational Geography biennial award for innovative research into the computational aspects of.

Theses and Dissertations South Dakota State University 4244, December 2002 Endo, Jeanne Chizuko Nishimura. PDF Berg Grohs, Kristen L. 2008. Brunde, Gary C. 1985. Status and distribution of fishes in tributaries of the Garrison Reach of the Missouri River, North.

America at Mid-19th Century - Washington University Open. Below are the most common reasons: This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page. Dissertations ETDs by an authorized administrator of Washington University Open Scholarship. Gary J. Miller, Professor of Political Science. William. Lloyd Garrison preached total abolition, even if it meant voluntarily dividing the country.

Garrisonian Disunionism - Rice University "Terms for Harvesting Order in the Nova Scotia Lobster Fishery." MAI 42.03 (2003): 92. "Extending the Burkean System Online: A Study of Motive and Internetworked Symbolic Action." DAI 61.06A (2000): 240. "Rhetoric and Revelation: In Search of a Foundation for a Postmodern Ethics." DAI 63.11A (2002): 159. California State University, Fullerton (4) Berokoff, Tanya Ellen. "Squeegee Kids: A Study of Successful Scapegoating, 1995--2001 (Kenneth Burke)." DAI 65.12A (2004): 374. "The Woman Behind the Man: Politicized Portrayals of Afghan Muslim Women in Wartime." MAI 42.02 (2003): 244. "The Argument on Language and the Language of Argument: Kenneth Burke and Wilbur Samuel Howell (Burke Kenneth, Howell Wilbur Samuel, Rhetorical Theory)." DAI 52.10A (1991): 136. "The Rhetoric of Systems and Meanings: A Demonstration of Contextual Interaction in Writing and Teaching." MAI 31.01 (1992): 312. "Relious Rhetoric in American Political Discourse: An Examination of Pat Robertson's "America's Dates with Destiny"." MAI 29.02 (1990): 51. "Of Feminism Born: The Constitution of Feminist Subjectivity in the Second Wave (Jane Gallop, Helene Cixous, Jane Tompkins)." DAI 58.11A (1997): 206. "Symbolic Man: A Social Science Rationale for the Humanities." DAI 41.07A (1980): 364. "The Rhetorical Function of Bi-Polar Reversal in Luke." DAI 50.07A (1989): 241. (Volumes I and Ii) (Kephale, Pentad)." DAI 56.03A (1994): 518. "A Dramatistic Analysis of John Grierson's Rhetoric in the British Documentary Film Movement, 1929-1939 (Documentary, Film)." DAI 50.08A (1989): 330. "The Agency of the Apostle: A Dramatistic Analysis of Paul's Responses to Conflict in 2 Corinthians (Second Corinthians)." DAI 50.08A (1989): 263. (Volumes I and Ii) (Eschatology)." DAI 52.12A (1991): 501. "Toward Uniting a Fellowship Divided: A Dramatistic Analysis of the Constitution-Writing Process of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America." DAI 48.01A (1987): 651. "The Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement and the Rhetorical Construction of Social Knowledge." DAI 55.08A (1994): 334. "Brecht and Expressionism: An Assessment of Rhetorical Continuity (Avant-Garde, Performance Theory, Modern Theater, Germany, Modernism)." DAI 47.06A (1986): 463. "The Geography of Hope: Definition, Discourse, and the Imaginary in Chicago's Parks, 1889--1909 (Illinois)." DAI 67.03A (2006): 319. "Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the Greatest President Neria Never Had: A Burkeian Analysis Of "This War Is Not for the Extermination of the Ibos. William Lloyd Garrison, the radical antislavery editor, was at the. The intellectual debts I have incurred while writing this dissertation are too many. of Ideas Baltimore Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985, 56-73; Gary Gerstle, American.

Convery dissertation - University of New Mexico "Old West, New West: Rhetorical Representations on Vilantism in Film (Michael Mann, Bill Pullman)." MAI 41.04 (2003): 112. "Hh Priest and Homespun Prophet: The Role of Argument and Synecdoche in Scientific Voices (Richard Dawkins, Michael Behe)." MAI 39.04 (2001): 199. "Making Sense of Genocide Narratives in the Lives of Armenian Americans." MAI 43.04 (2004): 84. "Redefining the Relious Rht: The Redemptive Dramas of Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell." MAI 38.04 (2000): 165. "Canon, Culture, Consubstantiality, Communication: A Burkean Perspective." Thesis. Catholic Theological Union at Chicago (1) Dennison, James A. "John Quincy Adams and the Rhetoric of the Smithsonian's Inception." DAI 59.06A (1998): 239. "Aspectos Dramaticos En "Los Siete Libros De La Diana" De Jorge De Montemayor (Spanish Text); Translated Title: Dramatic Aspects In "Los Siete Libros De La Diana" Of Jorge De Montemayor. Central Michan University (2) Hearit, Keith Michael. Eastern Washington University (1) Vinogradova, Larissa. "Burkeian Order in Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading and Bend Sinister: The Optimism of Death." Thesis. Fielding Graduate Institute (1) Nobles, David Meritt. Florida International University (1) Cruz, Elena Maytee. "How Interpretation Becomes Truth: Biblical Feminist and Evangelical Complementarian Hermeneutics (Kenneth Burke, Letha Scanzoni, Nancy Hardesty, Wayne Gruden, John Piper)." DAI 65.05A (2003): 221. "A Dramatistic Analysis of Morton Kelsey's Argument for the Compatibility of Analytic Psychology and Christianity (Kelsey Morton, Jung Carl)." DAI 53.09A (1992): 140. "Other Minds: Skepticism, Pragmatism, and Dramatic Speaking in Frost, Eliot, Pound, and Bishop (Robert Frost, T. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Elizabeth Bishop)." DAI 62.10A (2002): 313. "Helen Frankenthaler's Modernism: Embodiment and Pictorial Ambuity, 1950--1965 (New York)." DAI 65.12A (2005): 280. "A Dramatistic Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies and Motives in the Sanctuary Trial, United States V. "The Role of Identification in Rhetorical Explanation (Burke)." DAI 50.08A (1989): 269. ""Baby" Pictures: An Analysis of Narrative, Fetal Images and the Crafting of a Moral Tale (Abortion)." DAI 59.05A (1998): 329. "The Dissenting Writer in South Africa: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Drama of Athol Fugard and the Short Fiction of Nadine Gordimer." DAI 49.09A (1988): 328. "Write Now: A Dramatistic View of Internet Messenger Tutorials (Kenneth Burke, Donna Haraway)." DAI 66.01A (2004): 209. "A Burkeian Analysis of the Rhetoric of Margaret Thatcher." DAI 42.07A (1981): 209. "A Metacritique of Kenneth Burke's Ontological, Epistemological, and Axiological Dramatistic System: A Study of a Transplanted Perspective." DAI 43.10A (1982): 189. "Rhetorical Myth in Henry James's "The Bostonians," "The Wings of the Dove," And "The Golden Bowl"." DAI 43.08A (1982): 321. "Film Criticism: Its Relationship to Economiy Successful Films and an Application of Rhetoric to Improving the Critic's Methods." DAI 41.04A (1980): 191. "The Myth of Perpetual Youth; the Reality of Age: A Rhetorical Exency for the Baby Boom and Vietnam Generations (Goodman, Greene, Edelman, Wheeler, Vietnam Generation)." DAI 51.03A (1990): 283. "Three Variations on the History Play: A Burkeian Analysis." Thesis. It Is for the Federal Unity of Neria and the Happiness of Its People" (Awolowo Obafemi)." DAI 54.11A (1993): 160. "Dramatism and the Creation of Meaning for Assisted Suicide in Derek Humphry's "Final Exit": A Burkian Analysis (Kenneth Burke)." DAI 60.12A (1999): 221. "A Rhetorical Analysis of Selected Speeches of the Reverend Jerry Falwell." DAI 51.07A (1986): 454. "A Burkeian Conceptual Analysis of the American Presidential, Selected Reagan Administration, and Selected Print Media Response to Muammar El-Qaddafi: 1981-1986. Tutu through the Burkeian Pentad (South Africa)." DAI 50.02A (1988): 218. "A Rhetorical Analysis of the Security Clearance Hearing of J. Staff at the Auraria Library Archives; Gary Jackson, Steve Shepherd, and Jane. edited by Kenneth L. Ames, Barbara Franco, and L. Thomas Frye Walnut Creek. Garrison collection, Henry F. Halliday collection, Joseph H. McClelland.

Introduction to Management Accounting 16th Edition by Charles T. The Directory contains 56,702 dissertations that were completed or are currently in progress at 202 history departments in the United States and Canada. Torrent Downloads Other Introduction to Management Accounting 16th Edition by Charles T Horngren, Gary L Sundem. Edition by Brewer, Garrison &a.

Directory of Dissertations - American Historical Association Development of sustainable harvest strategies for cellulose-based biofuels: The effect of intensity and season of harvest on cellulosic feedstock and upland nesting game bird production. Welcome to the Directory of History Dissertations. The Directory contains 56,702 dissertations that were completed or are currently in progress at 202 history.

The Action Research Dissertation A Guide for Students and Faculty. A Burkean Cluster Analysis of the Motivations Revealed in the Selected Speeches of the Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson." DAI 43.04A (1982): 181. "Over the Carnage: Rhetorical Pragmatism and Social Theory's Fatal Search for Revolution (Deconstruction, Literary Criticism)." DAI 52.05A (1991): 220. "Jonsonian Geometry: Encompassing the Tension between Post-Structuralist Practices and the Didactic Drama (Ben Jonson)." DAI 56.08A (1995): 270. "Tragic Identity: Studies in Euripides and Shakespeare." DAI 49.08A (1988): 153. "Radio Blues: Literature, Mass Communication and the Human Voice in Depression America (Kenneth Burke, John Dos Passos, Henry Roth)." DAI 66.05A (2005): 192. "Invention as Process: Aristotle, Burke, and Political Correctness (Burke Kenneth, Writing Process, Freshman Composition)." DAI 53.05A (1992): 159. Michan State University (1) Nelson Salvino, Dana. ""You and Me, Babe": An Inquiry into Applications of Rhetoric to Mediation and Empowerment (Peer Mediation, Intervention)." DAI 58.06A (1997): 213. "Susan Glaspell, Playwrht of Social Consciousness." DAI 51.12A (1990): 225. "Haunted Itineraries: Tracing Mysticism in William James, Kenneth Burke, and Michel De Certeau." DAI 64.05A (2003): 368. "Power Relations in Henry James's Novels: A Study of Language, Characterization and Morality." DAI 49.09A (1988): 408. Authors Kathryn Herr and Gary L. Anderson demonstrate that action research is not only appropriate for a dissertation, but also is a deeply rewarding.

View - OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center To provide access without cookies would require the site to create a new session for every page you visit, which slows the system down to an unacceptable level. By Gary L. Garrison. This thesis examines the Ninth Amendment as a compromise between Federalists and Anti-. Federalists on two founding era discourses.

News - Mississippi State University Department of Psychology : A Text of Incongruity and Fragmented Subjectivity (Autobiography, Charlotte Salomon, Kenneth Burke)." DAI 58.10A (1997): 258. "De-Legitimizing the Liberal Scapegoat through Comedy: Reconstructing the Strategic Victimage in Rush Limbaugh's Rhetoric (Victimization, Metaphor)." DAI 60.07A (1999): 355. "Composing Experience, Experiencing Composition: Placing Wordsworth's Poetic Experiments within the Context of Rhetorical Epistemology (William Wordsworth)." DAI 58.10A (1997): 268. "Television and Attitudes About Crime." DAI 41.03A (1980): 497. "Metamorphoses of Desire: Eden and the Boundaries of Literature (Milton, Dante, Augustine, Derrida, Rhetoric)." DAI 48.05A (1987): 286. "Democratic Aesthetics: The Discourse of Social Justice in American Literature, Criticism, and Philosophy of the 1930's (Pragmatism)." DAI 60.06A (2000): 282. A Burkean Cluster Analysis of the Selected Speeches of Minister Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam, Rhetoric of Rebirth)." DAI 47.11A (1986): 186. "The Rhetoricity of Museum Desn: An Analysis of the United States Holocuast Memorial Museum as a Rhetorical Text (Kenneth Burke, Roland Barthes, Sonja Foss)." DAI 59.12A (1998): 118. "An Index to the Major Works of Kenneth Burke." DAI 44.04A (1983): 205. California State University, Dominguez Hills (1) Lugliani, Matthew Robert. "The Critic and the Little Man: On African-American Literary Studies in the Post-Civil Rhts Era (James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison)." DAI 66.07A (2005): 250. "Meanings of Change in the Poetry of Nineteenth-Century Java." DAI 42.10A (1981): 355. "Building the Kingdom: The Creativity of Ritual Performance in Catholic Pentecostalism." DAI 41.09A (1980): 228. "The Rhetoric of Medical Authority: The Early Writing of William Carlos Williams." DAI 49.09A (1988): 251. "Faithful Persuasion: Prolegomena to a Rhetoric of Christian Theology." DAI 51.05A (1990): 406. "Comic Forms and Social Meanings in the Fiction of Flannery O'connor." DAI 49.08A (1988): 362. "Walt Whitman's Monologic Imagination (Whitman Walt, Poetry)." DAI 53.06A (1991): 425. "The Mining Frontier in American Drama: 1877-1906 (Melodrama)." DAI 55.07A (1994): 265. "The Rhetorical Construction of Power in Victimage Mechanisms: A Synthesis of a Literary Theory of Victimage with a Sociological Theory of Power: The Methodology of Power/Victim Analysis." Thesis. "Problems of Knowing Constructions of 'Race' in American Literature, 1638-1867." DAI 50.07A (1989): 355. "Logology, Kenneth Burke's Best Exercise in Symbolic Action." Thesis. Northern Illinois University (1) O'Banion, John David. The title of her dissertation is "Cognitive Processes of Prioritization in Multitasking." She is pictured with her Chair, Dr. Gary L. Bradshaw back left and. to rht Dr. Wendy Herd, Dr. Gary Bradshaw, and Dr. Teena Garrison.

William L. Garrison Award for Best Dissertation in Computational. If your browser does not accept cookies, you cannot view this site. The biennial William L. Garrison Award for Best Dissertation in Computational Geography supports innovative research into the computational aspects of.

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