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What size is legal paper

US Paper Sizes - Letter & Legal Paper Format Dimensions As the name makes clear, the legal paper is used mainly for legal documents. For general printing, the brht white bond paper is usually used. US <strong>Paper</strong> <strong>Sizes</strong> - Letter & <strong>Legal</strong> <strong>Paper</strong> Format Dimensions
US paper sizes explained. legal and other US paper formats in inches and mm. Overview. ISO Standard A, B, C. A Paper. Other paper size standards issued by ANSI.

Paper size - pedia (Letter size is also known as "American Quarto" outside the USA). <em>Paper</em> <em>size</em> - pedia
In commercial and academic typesetting, the most common paper size is carta, equivalent to US Letter 8.5" by 11". In legal papers oficio is used.

What is legal size paper? definition and meaning -. There are numerous other sizes and shapes of page, but these are the most commonly used. <u>What</u> is <u>legal</u> <u>size</u> <u>paper</u>? definition and meaning -.
I really liked this legal size paper because it was b and thick enough that I could write with a really sharp pencil on the surface.

What is the purpose of legal size paper? Yahoo Answers US Envelope Sizes are also non ISO 216 and are listed on this page. <em>What</em> is the purpose of <em>legal</em> <em>size</em> <em>paper</em>? Yahoo Answers
Now most states and courts allow or even prefer the normal 81/2 x 11 size. In Illinois Administrative courts we cannot use the larger paper -- why because the court's fax and copier only takes the regular size.

What size is legal paper:

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